While being an aerial photographer and loving jewelry I noticed that many women and some men were asking where they could purchase the earrings and necklaces that I was wearing. I make them myself and so I realized that at airshows, museums and fly-ins there are very few things for women, including the bling that we love. So I designed earrings and necklaces that can be sold at aviation museums, fly-ins, to women in aviation organizations, warbird and other clubs, and all aviation related stores.

Although the planes are not exact many of them represent airplanes such as biplanes and other facsimiles, jets, passenger airplanes, recreational airplanes, warbirds, biplanes, twin engines, single engine and more.

I put together the display that takes very little counterspace and I've found that these earrings, zipper pulls and necklaces have been a very good fundraiser and fun to sell.

15% of all purchases are donated to non-profit organizations.

For wholesale purchases and general inquiries contact SkyQueenKing@aol.com, or fill out the form below.  Thanks!