San Juan Islands ... and Beyond A Photographer's Journey

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San Juan Islands and Beyond...A Photographer's Journey  is a photographic tour of some of the most stunning seascapes and marine wildlife in western Washington State. Follow nature photographer Karyn F. King as she guides you through the area's magnificent and vibrant beauty with over 100 postcard-like images.

This 108 page, full color, 11.5" x 9.5" hard cover coffee table book makes a great gift for friends and family. Large, full sized images on each page.

"Come along on my five year photographic journey by air, sea and land as I explore the living beauty of the San Juan Islands and surrounding area"

In it's second printing we are running low and there will not be another printing. If you want it personalized send me a note at SkyQueenKing@aol.com and I will make sure that the person's name is in the book with my signature, no extra charge of course.

Shipping is only $2.50 regardless of quantities ordered!

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